• Introduction

    Combine Magento e-commerce platform with our web-to-print and dynamic imaging extension to add powerful product personalization features to your online store. From T-shirts, to yard signs, to online ads - you can personalize it all.
    /magento-web-to-print/features Introduction
  • Template / product synchronization

    Magento contains all the product information and ZetaPrints contains all the template and personalization data. You can re-sync them with one click. We support simple, configurable and other product types.
    /help/zetaprints-synchronization-settings/ Template / product synchronization
  • Interactive personalization

    Users see all variable parts by hovering the mouse cursor over the template's preview image. They simply need to click on the text or image they want to change.
    /magento-web-to-print/magento-interactive-personalization/ Interactive personalization
  • Interactive image editing

    Users can upload and edit images right on the product page. All the images are stored on our servers to minimize your Magento hosting fees and simplify maintenance.
    /magento-web-to-print/magento-interactive-image-editing Interactive image editing
  • Manage your orders from Magento

    Personalized orders are managed directly inside Magento. Order details have user generated previews, links to proofs and the output files for web-to-print printing / publishing.
    /help/magento-order-management/ Manage your orders from Magento
  • Access control

    Additional access control features separate products into groups that can be assigned to different customers or opened up to the public. You can can sell public and corporate products through the same web-to-print website.
    /help/magento-access-control-for-dynamic-imaging/ Access control
  • Store localization

    Magento has been translated into many languages. It is easy to replace the texts and labels with your own or add another translation. You can have more than one language pack installed making your shop truly international.
    /help/magento-web-to-print-localization/ Store localization
  • Open Source

    The extension is developed as open source software under MIT license. You are free to reuse or modify the code. Visit our development site for more.
    http://code.google.com/p/magento-w2p/issues/list Open Source