Auto category creation


Magento web-to-print extension can you automatically activate the web-to-print products while creating them as well as assign them to categories to match your web-to-print portal catalogs and tags.

This feature is available in web-to-print extension starting Version 1.9.1 beta 21.

Automatically create web-to-print categories

In your web-to-print portal, all the templates reside in catalogs. The same goes for Magento, only difference is that they are called “Categories“. Our web-to-print extension for Magento comes built in with a Category creation profile that allows you to automatically create Magento categories for all web-to-print catalogs.

Check synchronization settings and run the template synchronization profile, navigate to System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Advanced Profiles > ZetaPrints catalogues creation in Magento admin panel and run the profile.

Wait for the profile to finish and navigate to Catalog > Manage Categories in Magento admin panel. There should be a new category created to represent each catalog from your web-to-print portal.

You can now run the product creation profile which will create products for all of the imported templates and automatically assign each of them to the corresponding category, just like they are grouped in web-to-print portal catalogs.

Sub-category creation

Templates can also be grouped in sub-catalogs within the web-to-print catalog. By default, the ZetaPrints catalogues creation profile will only create the top level categories according to the top level catalogs in the web-to-print portal, ignoring sub-catalogs.

If you want to set the profile to create the sub-categories according to the sub-catalogs as well, you need to edit the profile Actions XML string. Navigate to System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Advanced Profiles > ZetaPrints catalogues creation and paste the following code in the Actions XML field:

<action type="webtoprint/catalogues-creation" method="parse" create-subcategories="true" />

Running the product creation profile now will result in products being assigned to both top level and second level categories of your Magento store. A true Magento replica of your web-to-print portal.

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