Bulk edit fixed quantities


Fixed quantity data for all products in your store can be setup offline and imported. This enables you to manage your large product inventory much easier.

During the extension installation two advanced profiles are added to your Magento system:

  • ZetaPrints Fixed Quantities Export
  • ZetaPrints Fixed Quantities Import

These 2 profiles handle task of importing/exporting fixed quantity data. They can be found in Magento admin section under

  • System > Import/Export > Advanced Profiles (until Magento ver. 1.5) or
  • System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Advanced Profiles (after Magento ver. 1.5).

Export Fixed quantities data

Run ZetaPrints Fixed Quantities Export profile. Export profile will save results in /var/export/fixed_qtys_data.csv by default.

Easiest way to edit csv files is to open them in spreadsheet program – Excel, OpenOffice. How to open a .csv file in different programs is not discussed here and is program specific.

Each product can have multiple and variable number of fixed quantities. Each fixed quantity consists of several fields – website, label, qty, price. Therefore row format is as follows:

sku qty# label# price# default#
product sku as set in product settings number of items that are part of the Fixed quantity description text that will be shown before each option the price for the corresponding Fixed quantity a flag that indicates if this option should be selected by default

File used for import/export should be in .csv format and should use default magento settings – fields enclosed in ” (double quotes) and delimited by , (comma). Something to watch out for is not to have ” in label field or if you must have it, escape it with \ (backslash).

Since each product can have arbitrary number of Fixed Quantities assigned you will need to create enough column headings to suit for the greatest number of FQ imported.

Import Fixed quantities data

Run ZetaPrints Fixed Quantities Imort profile. Import profile will look for the .csv file in /var/import/fixed_qtys_data.csv by default. If there is no “import” directory in there, you can create one yourself.

Web to print example

Business cards and other web-to-print products can only be sold in fixed quantities. Prices for a web-to-print website with hundreds or thousands of products can only realistically be managed through import/export. The easiest way to configure them all is to configure one or two typical products through the admin interface, export the file, edit it and then import back into Magento.

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