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User guide of ZetaPrint API functions. More »


Magento‚Äôs code is spread out over a large number of modules. PHP search across a large number of include files has serious performance penalty. Magento compilation feature copies all the code into a single location. It doesn’t always work with our web-to-print extension. This post explains a quick workaround to make Magento compilation work on your web-to-print or dynamic imaging website. More »


Our web-to-print extension for Magento is configured to hide the original Add to cart button in order to prevent adding web-to-print products to a customer’s cart before they are personalized. The button is re-enabled right after customers update all previews. More »


Our web-to-print extension for Magento can use custom configuration data from a special custom-options.xml file in order to override, activate or deactivate special web-to-print features. More »


Many actions in your Magento store require some processing time and animated spinning loaders are used to indicate the request is being processed. You can replace Magento native loaders with your own. More »


You can use a custom configuration XML file to (de)activate a special web-to-print extension feature that enables users to edit uploaded images in reference to the image field properties in the template. More »


This extension does the following:

  • Maintains Magento products in sync with ZetaPrints products
  • Registers new users in ZetaPrints
  • Grants / denies user access to products in ZetaPrints
  • Requests final order generation from ZetaPrints
  • Downloads order details from ZetaPrints
  • Updates order status in ZetaPrints

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Our web-to-print extension uses a number a JS scripts and plugins. It is mostly based on jQuery. More »


Magento themes follow a type of fallback hierarchy which is very similar to cascading in CSS. That means that there is one base theme (by default this is /app/design/frontend/base/default theme) that can handle any detail in a Magento site and there are one or more user defined themes that can override some or all parts of the base theme. More »


You can use a custom configuration XML file to allow output file download regardless of weather it’s permitted in template settings on your web-to-print portal. More »

Magento products with web-to-print features. More »

This page lists functions from Magento Core re-defined by the extension. It is possible that some other extension will try to re-define them as well leading to conflicts.

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This post explains how to disable the Session ID in URLs of your Magento web-to-print store. More »


The modified theme that comes with our web-to-print extension adds two blocks to the sidebar of your store and a web-to-print info line in the footer. This post explains what you need to do to disable them. More »

This post explains how templates are imported from ZetaPrints into Magento. More »

Magento store is the primary source of user data. All profiles are stored there. ZetaPrints is only concerned about identifying the user for data caching purposes and order assignment. ZetaPrints requires a user ID to be registered before any personalization takes place. If a user is not registered it will be assigned a user ID by ZetaPrints and nagged about registration. More »