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Step 1 – Check prerequisites Step 2

Lets make sure we have everything ready before proceeding with Magento installation. You need to make sure that your server is properly configured. Most servers will work out of the box. Some will need to be adjusted. More »

Step 1 Step 2 – Install Magento Step 3

Installing Magento might take some time and skills. We recommend you ask a professional to do this for you. More »

Step 2 Step 3 – Install web-to-print extension Step 4

Installing our web-to-print Magento extension in your Magento store is an automated process. More »

Step 3 Step 4 – Configure default theme Step 5

A theme cannot be modified automatically during the install. Use the theme provided with the package as the first step and then modify your default theme to work with design personalization. More »

Step 4 Step 5 – Clear Magento cache Step 6

Magento requires its cache to be cleared after installing an extension. More »

Step 5 Step 6 – Configure settings Step 7

Your Magento store needs to be synchronized with a ZetaPrints web-to-print portal so that templates can be imported.

Log in to Magento as a store administrator, navigate to System/Configuration in the top menu and click on ZetaPrints Web-to-print tab in the menu on the left. More »

Step 6 Step 7 – Import templates Step 8

Once the web-to-print extension is installed and configured you can import the data from the ZetaPrints portal. All catalogs and templates are imported initially. Only new and updated templates are imported on subsequent runs. Data import needs to be initiated manually. More »

Step 7 Step 8 – Create products Step 9

Once the web-to-print templates are imported into the Magento database you can create simple or virtual products for them. Only templates that have no matching products are used to create new web-to-print products.

More »

Step 8 Step 9 – Register a master account Step 10

Master account holders have full control over their virtual web-to-print sites. More »

Step 9 Step 10 – Set up your domain Step 11

Web-to-print portals running on ZetaPrints web-to-print and dynamic imaging platform need to be placed under custom domain names to get full functionality and API access. More »

Step 10 Step 11 – Configure attributes

Products prices and options are not imported from your web-to-print portal along with the templates. More »