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One of the main reasons to go with our Magento web-to-print package is the unlimited customization of the user interface. It means you will need to buy a custom theme and then integrate web-to-print into it. This post gives some points on how to choose a good theme. More »


The web-to-print extension comes with a default theme modified to include all the necessary code from the extension. A Magento website can use a different theme modified to include the code as explained in this manual. More »


Products with personalization can be sold in one step or two step process.

  • One step: all the options, including the personalization form appear on the same page.
  • Two step: the user chooses options and then proceeds to the personalization form. More »

HelloThemes is an amazing collection of very well made Magento themes. We highly recommend them for web-to-print storefronts. As any other Magento theme, they need to be modified to enable our web-to-print extension. We provide free customization for their standard themes. More »


Interactive personalization on a web-to-print product gives users an option of using a “point and click” method during personalization. It can be enabled using our zpadvancedtheme for that product or for the entire site. More »


Magento themes follow a type of fallback hierarchy which is very similar to cascading in CSS. That means that there is one base theme (by default this is /app/design/frontend/base/default theme) that can handle any detail in a Magento site and there are one or more user defined themes that can override some or all parts of the base theme. More »


This extension is no longer supported.

A fun feature for your web-to-print store to let customers choose from a variety of front-end themes. More »