11. Configure product attributes

Step 10 Step 11 – Configure attributes

Products prices and options are not imported from your web-to-print portal along with the templates.

Configure web-to-print products using bulk-edit or one by one. Refer to Magento documentation for instructions. Newly created web-to-print products are not usable immediately after the import. Many more additional parameters need to be set:

  • stock control
  • prices
  • shipping
  • allowed quantities
  • category
  • etc.

Learn how to enable a product.

Re-running profiles

Re-running ZetaPrints products creation profile more than once will only affect newly imported templates that have no corresponding products.

Re-running ZetaPrints templates synchronization profile will update template details inside Magento database, which will automatically update some product details:

  • preview images
  • lists of text and image fields

Other product properties will remain unchanged.

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