08. Create products

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Once the web-to-print templates are imported into the Magento database you can create simple or virtual products for them. Only templates that have no matching products are used to create new web-to-print products.

Simple products vs. virtual products

Products can be generated automatically by our web-to-print extension from the imported templates. One product is generated per template.

  • Simple products – are the most common type of products. They are physically sold and delivered. Ex.: Your customers personalize and order 100 copies of a brochure to be shipped to their address.
  • Virtual products – are products that are not sold physically. They do not need to be shipped or delivered in any way. Ex.: Your customers download and print themselves.

Only simple and virtual products can be auto-generated in this way. You need to manually assign web-to-print templates to products of other types.

ZetaPrints products creation profile

These advanced profiles are automatically created when the extension is installed. Navigate to System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Advance Profiles.

  • Names: ZetaPrints virtual products creation and ZetaPrints simple products creation
  • Action XML: you should see the following XML code in the Actions XML field of the profile:
<action type="webtoprint/products-creation" method="map" product-type="virtual" />


<action type="webtoprint/products-creation" method="map" product-type="simple" />

Run products creation profile

Navigate to System > Import/Export > Dataflow – Advance Profiles. Select ZetaPrints simple products creation profile and click on Run Profile tab on the left. Click Run Profile in Popup button. It will initiate a process which may take several minutes.

Learn how to populate your Magento store with a combination of simple and virtual products.

Note. Newly created web-to-print products are not usable after the import and have to be configured manually.

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