Bulk editing custom options


Our “Custom Options Replicator” extension is no longer supported.

We recommend Amasty‘s Mass Product Actions extension as an alternative solution.

Our free Custom Options Replicator extension for Magento copies custom options between multiple products in Magento web-to-print and dynamic imaging stores. It is similar to bulk editing functionality for product attributes, but for custom options only.

This is a simple way to replicate a set of custom options amongst many products. Just pick a product with the custom options already setup and use it as the source for cloning them to as many other products as you want.

Custom Option Replicator installation

Installation process is identical to all other extension installations.

Open Magento Connect Manager (System/Configuration/Magento Connect Manager), paste the extension key and hit Install. Don’t forget to check Settings tab for Stable/Beta/Alpha option to match the version you are installing.

Copy custom options

Navigate to products list page (Magento admin / Catalog / Manage products) and find the ID of the product that you want to use as the replication source. It doesn’t need to be a web-to-print product if you are copying to other web-to-print products.

  • Copy the ID into the clipboard.
  • Filter the search to start selecting target products you want to apply new settings to.

Note that Select All selects all filtered products, even if they are on page 2, 3, etc. Select Visible selects all products only on the page you see.

Tick the check-boxes next to the target products to which you will replicate the custom options. They can be web-to-print products or just normal products without personalization – only custom options get changed.

From the bulk Actions drop-down menu located at the top right corner of the page, choose Copy Custom Options.

In the input filed that appears next to bulk actions drop-down, paste the source product ID and click Submit.

Web-to-print compatibility

Our free Custom Options Replicator extension is fully compatible with our web-to-print extension.


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