Dynamic File Attachments extension


This extension is no longer supported.

Dynamic File Attachments is a free Magento extension that allows asynchronous file uploading on product page.

Some products require arbitrary number of files to be uploaded by customers. The actual number of files and their size may vary between different orders, so it is not practical to adding multiple file uploading controls. This extension allows uploading multiple files in a convenient asynchronous queue.


Our extension can come in handy in lots of different scenarios, featuring:

  • Multiple file uploading on a single custom product option;
  • Upload files as you go, stack them up in a queue and let the extension upload the one by one automatically;
  • Display list of uploaded files;
  • Show the list of uploaded files to the customer as plain text (no download links),
  • Display links to uploaded files so that admins can download and use files from order details page in Magento admin panel.

Some of your customers might prefer designing their own print products rather than personalizing a template from your catalogs. As a printer, you can give your customers this option and allow them to upload their own print-ready files for you to print.

Extension installation

The installation process is identical to all other extension installations.

Web-to-print storefront uploading

Get the installation key from extension page on Magento eCommerce, paste it in the corresponding field of Magento Connect Manager and hit Install.

You may need to log out of the admin area and then log in again to see all pages of the extension. The pages may still be unavailable if you admin path is other than /admin/.


Note. You must also allow write access to the /media/ folder of your Magento installation for the extension to work properly.

Set up

The extension adds an extra field in the General tab of the Product information page in Magento admin panel.

Web-to-print strorefront activation

To enable the file uploading custom option on a product, choose Yes for the Use AJAX upload field.

This results in an extra custom option for the product visible under Input type drop-down menu.

Web-to-print strorefront custom options

Front end

Customers will see file uploading option on product page in the front end. They are able to stack multiple files in a queue and let the extension upload them automatically.

Web-to-print strorefront product page

While the files are being uploaded, the Add to Cart button is temporarily disabled. Customers won’t be able to add the product to cart until all files in the queue finish uploading.


Installing this extension in your Magento store results in a few compatibility issues that you should be aware of.

  • Magento native file uploading option will not function correctly and needs to be replaced with the AJAX file upload option as explained above.
  • Access to old files that were uploaded before the extension was installed using Magento native file uploading option, is disabled.

Product type compatibility

There are a few different product types in Magento. Our Dynamic File Attachments extension supports:

  • Simple products
  • Virtual products
  • Configurable products


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