FAQ for web-to-print


Check your problem for a possible solution before sending a request for help to support@zetaprints.com.

Be sure to also check the list of known incompatible extensions and find out if you have any of them installed in your Magento store.

Web-to-print installation and configuration

Q: Magento cannot find the extension by the key I gave it.

A: Check in MagentoConnect settings that you have Beta/Alpha/Stable settings set to match the version you are trying to install.

A: Check the key. There are different versions of it for different versions of Magento.

Q: Extension installed, but I don’t see the configuration tab

A: Most likely it’s your cache. Disable it, uninstall the extension and install again. If this doesn’t help try logging out of the admin and logging back in.

No personalization available

Q: I installed the extension, imported my templates, but there is no way to personalize the products. I see Add to cart buttons and it adds them directly to the cart if I click on it.

A: You are using a custom theme. See Custom theme: integration and Custom theme: two-step pages for customization instructions. Alternatively, use the default ZetaPrints theme provided with the plugin. This can be configured on ZetaPrints configuration page in Magento.

Interactive personalization

Q: Clicking on a highlighted shape on the preview image freezes the interactive personalization editor.

A: The template was uploaded a while ago and needs to be reprocessed to be able to handle new features.

Templates won’t import

Q: Running the profile for templates importing results in “Error in receiving list of catalogs” message.

A: First of all, read the error message it gives you. Most likely the answer is staring you in the face.

A: Double-check the domain name and API key in the configuration.

A: Check that your ZetaPrints profile has no IP address restriction activated.

A: Error in receiving details for template _template_guid_. Leaving the template unmodified.

A: Check that the template exists in your ZetaPrints portal.

A: Error in receiving list of templates for catalog _catalog_name_

A: Check that the catalog exists in your ZetaPrints portal.

Q: Running the profile for templates synchronization results in “Error in receiving catalogs: Zetaprints error: ; Curl error:” message.

A: You may have used the wrong ZetaPrints domain name or you haven’t activated your custom domain yet.

A: Server misconfiguration.

Theme customization for web-to-print and dynamic imaging

Q: I followed instructions to enable web-to-print and dynamic imaging, but it still won’t work on my site.

A: You could have missed something. Double check the code. See if you get any errors in the logs.

A: Check if you have web-to-print and dynamic imaging theme included the theme hierarchy

A: Check if you get any JS errors after the page have loaded. Your theme may have class names or ids missing.

A: Make sure the site works properly with our default web-to-print theme before enabling your custom theme.

Default preview isn’t showing

Q: The default preview image isn’t showing. Update preview seems to work, but the preview isn’t showing again. I can see the preview by clicking on Share preview link URL.

A: The structure of the preview container was modified in your theme or by some other extension. See Custom theme requirements section in Custom web-to-print theme integration manual.


Q: I’m able to place the order but the output files are missing.

A: If the output files are present on web-to-print portal side, the problem is with Magento not registering the response from ZetaPrints. This can be caused by short database timeout. Try increasing your database timeout settings.


Q: I uploaded CSV files with translations, but the site is not translated.

A: Check if the files are broken by opening them in a spreadsheet application like MS Excel

Nothing works!

Q: I get all sorts of strange errors

A: Make sure your site works flawlessly without any web-to-print and dynamic imaging enabled.

Q: ZetaPrints support is not helpful

A: We are happy to point reasonably skilled people in the right direction. Try to provide us with detailed information about your installation.

  • URL of the admin (if different from default)
  • Link to a web-to-print product on your site
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Screenshots of web-to-print settings page
  • Screenshots of faulty screens or problem replication instructions

Q: I can’t make it work, I don’t want to pay ZetaPrints to make it work for me, I want someone to help me for free so I can make money from it

A: Read about possible web-to-print and dynamic imaging support options.

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