Fit-in-field image editing


Your web-to-print templates contain variable images that come in all shapes and sizes. Using the “Fit-in-field” tool, your customers will be able to adapt any image they’ve uploaded in a way that is relevant to the shape and size requirements of a specific image field.


The “Fit-in-field” tool is basically a smart crop tool that has its selection area shape locked to a proportional shape according to the image placeholder of the template.

This helps users get an exact idea of what part of their uploaded image will be visible in the template they’re personalizing.

Web-to-print Fit-in-field selection area

Useful shortcuts

While the Fit-in-field tool is active, an additional horizontal shortcuts menu is displayed above the image and it allows users to quickly fit their uploaded image in the variable image area of the template they’re personalizing.

Web-to-print shortcuts menu

Affected web-to-print images

Unlike the tools listed under the “Global changes” section of the toolbox, edits with the Fit-in-fieldtool are recorded for the active image field only.

This means that using the Fit-in-field tool, the same image can be cropped differently for different image fields in a single template.

Proportional shapes

The proportions of the selection area are determined according to the variable web-to-print image placeholder in the template file. When this placeholder is placed inside a PowerClip container, you should keep in mind that extremely disproportional placeholders might confuse your users.

Ex. Here we have a snapshot of the insides of a PowerClip container in CorelDRAW. As you can see, the image placeholder shape inside is rectangular although the container shape is squared.

When a customer opens the image editor for this template, the selection area presented to them as part of the Fit-in-field tool is shown as rectangle. This is because of the image placeholder shape.

Web-to-print disproportional placeholder

Tip. Make your PowerClip’d image placeholder shapes as close as possible to the shape of their PowerClip containers. Learn more about the use of PowerClip VS simple image placeholder.

Enable / disable Fit-in-field image editing

Since web-to-print extension release, the Fit-in-field tool is enabled by default but you can switch it on and off as you prefer.

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