Fixed quantity for web-to-print


Magento is an open source e-commerce platform. We developed an open source extension that enables you to predefine and sell your products in fixed quantities.

Our free extension

Our free Fixed quantity extension for Magento allows you to preset fixed quantities and prices for products. As a store owner, you may have some products that are intended to be sold in lots (ex. 100, 300 or 500 copies of a business card). It was initially developed for our web-to-print customers, but can now be used by any type of Magento storefront.

Mageparts payed alternative

As an alternative solution, you may also try MageParts’ Drop-Down Quantity extension for Magento. It was tested compatible with our web-to-print extension and they offer free support and bug fixes.


Get the installation key from extension page on Magento eCommerce, paste it in the corresponding field of Magento Connect Manager and hit Install. Don’t forget to choose Beta or Stable in the Settings tab of Magento Connect Manager.

Setup fixed quantities

Navigate to Product information page in Magento admin panel and click on the newly created Fixed quantity tab in the left vertical menu.

Enable the fixed quantity option for a particular product by choosing Yes for the Use Fixed Quantity Prices drop-down menu.

The available editable values are:

  1. Website: website for which the fixed quantity price is valid;
  2. Units: a label that describes a particular fixed quantity option (ex. Buy a set of 300 cards);
  3. Qty: Actual quantity of the product that is being sold with this option (ex. 300 copies)
  4. Price: The price for the fixed quantity amount (ex. $12 for 100 units, $30 for 300 units) – this price is not related to any other price set;
  5. Default: choose which price should be selected by default when a customer lands on the product page.

Custom options price calculation

When using custom options on a product with fixed quantities, keep in mind that the custom option prices are calculated per item.

Ex. If you have a fixed quantity of 100 items and a custom option that should cost an extra $100 for the whole lot, the custom option price should be set at $1 (100 items x $1).


Our fixed quantity extension for Magento is fully compatible with our web-to-print, order approval and category access control extensions out of the box.

Non complex product types are most suitable for this extension (simple, virtual, downloadable). Complex product types (configurable, grouped) have their own price calculation rules and are not compatible with this extension.


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