HelloThemes for web-to-print


HelloThemes is an amazing collection of very well made Magento themes. We highly recommend them for web-to-print storefronts. As any other Magento theme, they need to be modified to enable our web-to-print extension. We provide free customization for their standard themes.

HelloTheme samples with web-to-print





Free header and slideshow templates

In order to make it even easier for you, we’ve developed a few dynamic imaging templates for header backgrounds and slideshow slides that come with HelloThemes.

True personalization is only possible with custom banners, images, logos, slideshows etc. These are easily replaceable in a HelloTheme if you have the required images handy. Instead of spending your time and money designing a custom header, you only need to

  1. personalize it in a few clicks,
  2. download the file and
  3. upload it.


Lets say you decided to go with HelloKids theme for your store. The theme it self comes together with an optional slideshow for the homepage. The slides that come with the theme are generic placeholders and if you would to use a slideshow, you need to personalize them. Here’s a personalizable dynamic imaging template for that particular slideshow.

Replace the text, save the image and upload it to /media/helloslide folder of your Magento installation.

Look for more HelloThemes templates.

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