How to enable a product


If you find yourselves struggling to figure out why a web-to-print product is not showing in the front end of your store, go through these requirements and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Set required web-to-print product attributes

Automatic method

Our web-to-print extension has a built in feature that offers automation of this step. Enable the “Set Defaults for created products” feature in ZetaPrints web-to-print settings of your Magento store before running the product creation profile and these required attributes will be set to default values.

Set default values in ZetaPrints web-to-print settings

Note. Stores with multiple store views require one additional step in order to have the web-to-print products appear in the front end of your store.

Manual method

You can still do it manually as well. After importing the web-to-print templates and creating simple or virtual products for them, you need to edit the products’ attributes. Attributes are set on product details page located at Catalog / Manage Products / Product name in Magento admin panel.

Magento has a few required attributes that have to be set. These attributes are marked with a red *.

You will not be able to save your product settings unless all of those required attributes are set.

Bulk update

Updating more than one product is done quicker with Magento bulk update feature. Navigate to Catalog / Manage Products page, select multiple products, chose Update attributes from the bulk actions drop down and click Submit.

When updating attributes in bulk, you’re not obligated to set required* attributes. You will, however, have to do so if editing the product attributes individually afterwards.

Crucial attributes

Weather or not they are required for saving a product, these attributes directly affect the products visibility in the front end:

General tab

  • Status – must be set to Enabled
  • VisibilityCatalog or Catalog, Search

Inventory tab (if stock management is enabled)

  • Qty – above 0
  • Stock AvailabilityIn stock

Websites tab

  • Add Product To WebsitesMain website


To have your web-to-print products appear in the front end, they must be assigned to categories. Use the automatic category creation feature or Import/Export functionality for bulk assignment.

Category access control

Make sure there are no access restrictions preventing you from being able to see a web-to-print product as a customer in the front end.

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