Incompatible Magento extensions


There are some extension out there that don’t mix well with some of our own extensions. This page lists all third party extensions that were reported as incompatible with Magento extensions developed by ZetaPrints.

The reason why incompatibility occurs is primarily because multiple extensions affect same files in your Magento installation. In such cases you will either have to remove the incompatible extension or uninstall our extension. Another option might be to get a professional Magento developer to resolve the issue for you, if possible.

Note. Read the FAQ’s and troubleshoot your problems before reporting incompatible extensions.

Extensions incompatible with ZetaPrints Web-to-print extension
Magento EasyTabs
Customer Quote extension by Boost my Shop
Report incompatible extension

Please notify us if you run into a Magento extension that is incompatible with any of our own extensions.

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