02. Install Magento

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Installing Magento might take some time and skills. We recommend you ask a professional to do this for you.

Follow these Magento installation instructions.

Magento platforms

There are a few Magento editions available:

Our Magento web-to-print extension works with all of them. You can start with the free platform – Magento Community Edition and see if it suits your business requirements. You can always upgrade your platform in the future.


In most cases a successful Magento installation is a good sign that you have everything needed for the extension.

  1. Check our release notes before installing on anything other than the latest stable Magento release.
  2. An XSL processor must be installed on the server. It usually is.
  3. CURL must be installed. It usually is.
  4. The server must have a static IP address. Hardcode the external IP if the the server is on the internal network and the address is being translated.
    There’s a commented code in the function which should be un-commented and edited if you want to hardcode the IP:
//Enter here your outside ip address
//if it doesn't match your server address
//$ip = 'a.b.c.d';
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