Interaction overview


This extension does the following:

  • Maintains Magento products in sync with ZetaPrints products
  • Registers new users in ZetaPrints
  • Grants / denies user access to products in ZetaPrints
  • Requests final order generation from ZetaPrints
  • Downloads order details from ZetaPrints
  • Updates order status in ZetaPrints

Personalization form

A product linked to a ZetaPrints template through its webtoprint_template attribute, shows a personalization form on the product details page. See instructions on integrating the form into a theme for one step process and 2 step process.

Create web-to-print form Create web-to-print form 2-step

Changes since

  1. A user is not registered on ZetaPrints until there is a request for preview generation.
  2. Template details come from Magento database for unregistered users on ZetaPrints.
  3. Template details come from ZetaPrints directly for registered users and contain user cache.


Dynamic products overview

By default a product in Magento has no personalization capabilities. A product can be assigned to a template in its settings in admin area (see Web-to-print templates tab in Settings) . Such products can be personalized. Products can be created by the extension using ZetaPrints products creation Advanced Import/Export Profile in Magento.

High-level overview of a product personalizing process

Generate web-to-print preview


ZetaPrints does not require full user registration to use the services. It only needs a user ID/password combo for data caching and resource allocation. The extension creates a user in ZetaPrints (with generated user ID and password) for every user in Magento that uses web-to-print features. See user registration APIi

Create web-to-print user

Lifetime of a user session on ZP can be months or even years. The extension stores ZetaPrints credentials separate from Magento user sessions to restore them later, independently from the Magento user session. See a page about UserManagement.

User access control

This extension instructs ZetaPrints to grant/deny users access to certain catalogs via API (User access API)


Order information is synced between ZetaPrints and Magento through this extension. Zetaprints is only concerned with the image and file generation part of the order. It produces the final product Magento sells to the user.

web-to-print order generation

Shop owner order management

Shop owners have printer accounts with ZetaPrints and can login to ZetaPrints directly to manage orders. They do not see user details, pricing, payments or any other info held within Magento. Normally, orders would be managed through Magento. Faulty orders may need functions available only within ZetaPrints.

User order management

Users registered via Magento cannot login to ZetaPrints and cannot access their order history there. They need to use Magento for that.

Uploading user images

Web-to-print image uploading

Pre-created directory is a directory that is automatically created after extension installation. Name for the directory is randomly generated GUID (see zetaprints_generate_guid() function in zp_api.php file) and saved in Magento global config under zetaprints/webtoprint/uploading/dir key. Newly created directory is placed in media/tmp/catalog/product/ directory of Magento distribution.

The directory must be available through the web to allow ZetaPrints service download images uploaded by user in Magento interface.

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