JavaScript files


Our web-to-print extension uses a number a JS scripts and plugins. It is mostly based on jQuery.


Used for asynchronous uploading of user images on the customization page.

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Generates and controls a color picker pop-up. Saves the selected value in one of input fields to be sent to ZetaPrints.

Depends on colorpicker.css and images from colorpicker directory.

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jQuery javascript library.

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JCrop is jQuery plugin for image cropping UI component. Used in image editing dialog.

Depends on  jquery.jcrop.css

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Qtip is jQuery plugin for nice tooltips. Used for showing tooltips for user input fields on the customization page.

Original script sourced from:


jQuery UI library. Used for mouse dragging option in color picker and for dragging fields while in-preview editing.

Original script sourced from:


Fancybox is jQuery plugin to show in-page dialogs. Used to show full size images in pop-ups for template previews, stock images and to show image editing window in pop-up.

Depends on  jquery.fancybox-1.3.1.css and images from  fancybox directory.

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This file contains javascript cropVisualAssistant class code.

This is a class for comparing user images and placeholders. It contains functionality to determine ratios and positioning between a given placeholder and a user image.


This file contains javascript code for the ZetaPrints image editor.

Depends on  zp-image-edit.css


This file contains javascript code for the ZetaPrints personalization form.

Depends on  zp-style.css


This file contains JavaScript code for in-preview editing and fields highlighting.

Depends on zp-in-preview-edit.css

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