Common causes of problems with web-to-print extension for Magento:

  • Incorrect configuration – missing steps, attributes not added, etc.
  • Incorrect settings – check your ZetaPrints portal address.
  • Use of custom theme – use our default theme if you do not know how to integrate the extension into a custom theme.
  • File system permissions – make sure all writable folders have write access for Magento.
  • Incompatible extensions – check if any third party extension you have installed is reported as incompatible with our extensions.


Most problems can be resolved by looking at the logs.

web-to-print storefront logging

Enable logging in Magento at System/Configuration/Developer/Log Settings in admin interface.

All interactions will be logged into Magento log file (system.log) file in the var/log folder of Magento. The file cannot be accessed from outside, unless you explicitly allow so.

IP restriction

Your printer settings may only allow access from a single IP address. The symptom would be an error on data import or no templates are imported when there are definitely new or updated ones.

web-to-print storefront IP

Go to your ZetaPrints portal, log in as a printer and navigate to API page. Make sure there is no restriction on the IP address or the IP is correct.

Error on importing

Nothing imports

  • Check if you have any templates to import
  • Check if your settings import hidden templates or just the public ones – there may be nothing to import.
  • Check if you have an IP restriction (see API page on ZP)

File uploading limit

PHP has an option to limit the size of uploaded files. If your customers need to upload files larger than 2MB you have to increase this limit.

Open PHP config file php.ini, find upload_max_filesize option and set its value in megabytes. For example:

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 10M

Also check post_max_size option in the PHP configuration file. The value of the option should be bigger than value of upload_max_filesize option.


; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
post_max_size = 12M

XSL support

The extension requires XSL (XSLT) support. The presence of an XSL component is checked during the installation. It can be aborted if the component is absent. Contact your sysadmin or the hosting company to have it installed.

Session ID

Some features included in Magento web-to-print extension may not function correctly with a SID in the URL. We recommend to remove it.

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