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Keeping in touch with customers of your web-to-print store is very important. Magento has built-in Newsletter functionality to send newsletters to subscribed customers. We also tried and explained use of MailChimp plugin for advanced newsletter features.

Magento subscriptions

By default Magento allows your customers to subscribe to newsletters. They can do this

  • when registering a new account,
  • from My Account page, after they login or
  • using the newsletter subscription block in the front-end of your web-to-print store.

Magento newsletter templates

The process of sending out Magento Newsletter starts with creation of Newsletter Template. You can create multiple newsletter templates with different styling and test them to see which one attracts the most response from subscribers. Read more about Magento Newsletters on and

Advanced web-to-print newsletters

Although sufficient, the native Magento newsletter functionality is somewhat limited. If you want to “tune up” your web-to-print store and equip it with a proper newsletter, we recommend using an external email marketing service such as MailChimp.

MailChimp have developed an extension for Magento to help integrate and synchronize your MailChimp account with your web-to-print and dynamic imaging Magento store.

MailChimp integration procedure

  1. Sign up a MailChimp acc;
  2. Create a subscribers list;
  3. Get your MailChimp API key;
  4. Install MailChimp extension for Magento;
  5. Navigate to System / Configuration / Customers / MailChimp Configuration to enable the plugin, input the API key and choose the “General subscriptions” list name;
  6. Navigate to Newsletter / MailChimp / Bulk synchronization, choose Export List from the drop-down menu, select the list name and hit Create;
  7. An item appears in the list on the same page. This is the exported customer list that is ready to be synched with your MailChimp acc. Choose Run from its drop-down menu located in the last column;
  8. This is when customers receive an email asking them to confirm the subscription;
  9. After confirmation from the customer, they are automatically added in your MailChimp subscribers list and you can send newsletters to them as part of usual MailChimp campaigns.

Take part in the MailChimp online training courses for more insight.

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