PDF proof


PDF proofs can be generated on request before proceeding to the checkout. It is an optional feature available through Magento web-to-print extension.

A web-to-print order can be saved prior to completion and a proof PDF is generated for the customer if “create PDF for review with saved orders” option is enabled for that template. The purpose of the web-to-print proofing file is to give customers an opportunity to download it, share with someone else or review it offline.

Important: billing

Enabling PDF proofs makes orders billable when they are saved for the shopping cart, before the check out. Please, read our billing rules for more info.

Enable PDF proofs

PDF proofs can be enabled for any web-to-print template regardless of other file generation settings. Learn how to turn this option ON for a web-to-print template.

View PDF proof

A link to the PDF proof is shown under preview images in a shopping cart. It only shoes if the product has the PDF proof enabled.

Magento web-to-print PDF proof

Note. PDF proofs are generated using the preview template and retain the watermark. The quality of the images is set to 96dpi, all text is converted to curves, native color space is used, no cropmarks, no bleed.

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