Product relationships


There are three types of product relationships in Magento:

  1. Related products
  2. Up-sell products
  3. Cross-sell products

This post explains the differences between the three as well as which ones behave differently with our Magento web-to-print extension.

Related products

Related products are intended to be ordered quickly while ordering another product (simply added in the cart before checking out) without having to go through their own product page.

These products have to be static products. They cannot be products that require personalization or configuration before ordering and therefore, web-to-print templates cannot be related products. The reason for this is because Related products show up in the right column of a product page and only have a check-box in front of them.

Magento related  product


Up-sell products are intended as “better options” for the customers compared to the product they are viewing. Products that have other up-sell products assigned, show them bellow the product description area.

Magento up-sell products


These products only appear on the shopping cart page after a customer places an order on a product that has them added as “cross-sell” products. They are intended for complementing the initial purchase. E.g. buy party balloons if you already purchased birthday invitations.

Magento cross-sell products

Once a customer clicks on a cross-sell product, our extension takes them to the product page and automatically activates the template personalization process. This way, customers see the product already personalized using the info they provided while ordering the previous product.

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