Order approval uninstall


Magento’s Connect Manager doesn’t support rolling back database changes and removing custom attributes added by the Order approval extension. Follow these instructions to completely remove the extension.

1. Remove extension via Magento’s Connect Manager
2. Copy uninstall.php file to the root folder of your Magento installation

Note. Change including path at the beginning of the script if you copied it into another directory or a sub-directory of your Magento installation.


  • If you copied script into “media/” sub-directory, then change include path to “../app/Mage.php” in the script.
  • If you copied script into “media/tmp/” sub-directory (or another sub-directory of “media/” directory) then change include path to “../../app/Mage.php” in the script.

In most cases, there are URL re-writes (re-directs) in root directory of Magento installation. This means that scripts from root directory are not available. The easiest workaround is to copy the script into a directory without re-writes (re-directs), e.x. “media/” directory and fix include path in the script as described above.

3. Point browser to uninstall.php file from your Magento installation



4. Remove the script from your Magento installation.

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