Products for multi-store web-to-print


Web-to-print products can be created automatically for imported templates as part of the product creation profile. This, however, does not include stores with multiple store views and a additional step is required to have your web-to-print products appear in the front end right away.

If you want to skip setting up the products manually and have them appear in the front-end of your store right away, you have to enable the “Set Defaults for created products” feature in ZetaPrints web-to-print settings of your Magento store before running the product creation profile. This feature will ensure that all of the product attributes that are required in order for a product to show up in the store are set to their default values.

Web-to-print products in stores with multiple store views

If you’re running a Magento store that has multiple store views (ex. a store with a few language options) you’ll need to go through this one extra step to enable the web-to-print products in the front end.

After running the product creation profile, navigate to product details page in Magento admin panel (Catalog / Manage products) and then to the Websites tab where you need to check the box in front of the store with multiple store views and Save your changes.

Enabling web-to-print products in multiple stores

You can also do this in bulk for a large number of web-to-print products at once.

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