Remove zptheme sidebars


The modified theme that comes with our web-to-print extension adds two blocks to the sidebar of your store and a web-to-print info line in the footer. This post explains what you need to do to disable them.

Remove web-to-print sidebar blocks

The web-to-print enabled zptheme adds these two blocks to the right sidebar of your web-to-print storefront.

To remove the “Download web-to-print extension” button and the “W2P Resources” blocks from the sidebar, navigate to /app/design/frontend/default/zptheme/template/callouts folder of your Magento installation. Download the right_col.phtml file, comment out its content and upload it back in.

Footer web-to-print info removal

By default, the web-to-print extension adds an info link in the footer containing extension name and version number for troubleshooting.

If you wish to remove this from the footer in your store, add the following code to the bottom of the styles.css file.


The global CSS file is usually located in /skin/frontend/default/default/css folder of your Magento installation.

Note. Most custom themes have their own style.css files which are located in /skin/frontend/default/THEME/css folders. In these cases, it’s better to add code there.

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