10. Set up your domain

Step 9 Step 10 – Set up your domain Step 11

Web-to-print portals running on ZetaPrints web-to-print and dynamic imaging platform need to be placed under custom domain names to get full functionality and API access.

Custom domain

Your web-to-print portal (ZetaPrints site) must have a custom domain set up before you can set up your Magento web-to-print store.

Register new domain or create a subdomain

The process is different between domain name registrars and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They may have what is called a Control Panel or CPanel where you can manage your domain names yourself or you may need to send them a request to do it from their end.

Point your domain / subdomain at zetaprints.com

A domain name needs to be set up as a CNAME record pointing at zetaprints.com. Type in ZETAPRINTS.COM into CNAME text box and make sure there no A-records for the same domain/subdomain. This option should be available in your hosting account Control Panel. Contact the support of your domain name registrar to set it up for you, if you don’t know where or how.

Read more about custom access URLs.

API key

As soon as you have a custom domain set for your web-to-print portal, you can proceed to generate and use your unique API key.

Step 9 Step 10 – Set up your domain Step 11
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