Shipping configuration


Magento has common shipping options and methods built-in, while custom ones can be added as extensions. Stores with virtual products only don’t need them since virtual products are to be downloaded, not printed and shipped.

Magento built-in shipping options

There’s a whole range of shipping options available in Magento. Shipping settings are located at:

Magento Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Settings

Amongst other things, this is where you set Origin address which is used for calculating shipping costs.

Shipping methods are located at:

Magento Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Methods

From flat rates to fast shipping FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc. Disable all except for the ones you offer to your customers. It is important that users are not presented with a shipping option other than the one(s) the store owner uses.

Adaptable shipping

Alternatively, for special requirements, it might be necessary to install a dedicated extension. The Matrix-rate extension can be used to setup adaptable shipping options when it is required for a store to present available shipping methods according to specific pre-set conditions.

Matrix-rate extension

All configuration happens via .csv files, there’s no option to edit rates in admin. Download sample csv file and edit it in MS Excel, OpenOffice or even a simple text editor.

For the customer to see these shipping options:

  • Small package, urban North Island $7
  • Big package, urban North Island $10
  • Small package, rural North Island $10
  • Big package, rural North Island $15

Your CSV file should be:

"Country","Region/State","City","Zip/Postal Code","Zip to","Weight >=","Weight <=","Shipping Price","Delivery Type"
"NZ","*","*",0,9999,0,1000,7,"Small package, urban North Island"
"NZ","*","*",0,9999,0,1000,10,"Sign package, urban North Island "
"NZ","*","*",0,9999,0,1000,10,"Small package, rural North Island"
"NZ","*","*",0,9999,0,1000,15,"Sign package, rural North Island"

To upload the matrix rates configuration .csv file, navigate to  Magento Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Methods > Webshopapps Matrix Rates and change the Configuration scope to Main website. You should be able to see a Import field, browse for the .CSV file on your hard drive and hit Save Config to upload it.

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