04. Theme configuration

Step 3 Step 4 – Configure default theme Step 5

A theme cannot be modified automatically during the install. Use the theme provided with the package as the first step and then modify your default theme to work with design personalization.

Navigate to System/Configuration and choose Design tab.

Leave the current package name at its default setting and input zptheme in Default field under Themes section.

Web-to-print configure ZetaPrints theme


Interactive personalization theme

Use zpadvancedtheme value for Layout field to enable interactive personalization which allows users to edit fields directly inside the preview image.

Configure interactive personalization theme

How to modify a custom theme

The default theme has some custom code that enables all the cool web-to-print features. You can transfer the code into your own theme, but it takes some time and skill. Call in an experienced Magento specialist. Read more in our Custom Theme Changes manual.

Theme hierarchy

Magento themes form a hierarchy. Magento’s default theme is the foundation of them all. zptheme sits on top of it and provides web-to-print and dynamic imaging functionality. You can create your own themes and place them on top of these two for custom page layout or additional features.

Custom theme configuration

Custom theme configuration is slightly different. Follow the pattern used for enabling HelloJynxx theme.

Web-to-print custom theme configuration

Step 3 Step 4 – Configure default theme Step 5
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