Theme switcher extension


This extension is no longer supported.

A fun feature for your web-to-print store to let customers choose from a variety of front-end themes.

Our free Theme switcher extension for Magento adds a feature to the front-end of your web-to-print store enabling users to switch between different themes.

This could prove quite useful if you like your customers to be able to choose their favorite look of your web-to-print shop themselves.

Theme switcher installation

Installation process is identical to all other extension installations.

Open Magento Connect Manager (System/Configuration/Magento Connect Manager), paste the extension key and hit Install.


The theme selection block becomes visible on the front end only after configuration. Navigate to System > Configuration > Design > Themes Switcher and highlight the themes you want to appear in the switcher list.

Note. Hold Ctrl to select multiple themes.

The default theme switcher position is top of the right side bar but this location can be changed through the Choose switcher block drop-down menu.

If you want to apply special custom styling, use the default zp-switcher CSS class or assign a special class name using Switcher css class name field.

Selecting a theme for the switcher will enable it for all design options (locale, layout, templates, skin) but will not change whatever is set as default theme. This is useful when you want to use a default theme with some special features like web-to-print or dynamic imaging.

Web-to-print compatibility

The extension allows preview of any installed theme in any package, except CSS-only themes. It is fully compatible with our web-to-print extension.


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