User management


Magento store is the primary source of user data. All profiles are stored there. ZetaPrints is only concerned about identifying the user for data caching purposes and order assignment. ZetaPrints requires a user ID to be registered before any personalization takes place. If a user is not registered it will be assigned a user ID by ZetaPrints and nagged about registration.

Creating new users

A new user is created by making an HTTP POST call with a GUID as a user ID (must be unique, like really unique) and a generated password. No other user details are needed. More here.

Magento should store the GUID and password in a user profile or a session so that when the user comes back the same ID and password are used.

Logging users into ZP automatically

When the user is presented with a ZetaPrints preview page or flash plugin, they should already have user identity information. The call to ZetaPrints should contain the user ID and a hash of the user’s IP at the moment and the password (MD5 hash for authentication). This needs to be done only once per session, but it will be more reliable if the info is passed onto ZetaPrints every time the user is referred there. More on the auto-login is here.


User management code is placed in app/code/local/ZetaPrints/Api/Model/W2puser.php

  • autoRegister() – Registers Magento user in ZetaPrints if he has not already registered.
  • getW2pState() – Returns status of Magento user.
  • getW2pUserId() – Returns ZetaPrints’ GUID for the registered Magento user.
  • getW2pPass() – Returns ZetaPrints’ password for the registered Magento user.
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