Variable text colors


Apart from being able to change the variable texts in a web-to-print template, users can also choose a custom color for that text field. This feature comes built in with our free web-to-print extension for Magento.

Note. You need to have web-to-print extension version or later installed for this to work. At this time, this feature is not included in the latest stable version of our extension.

How to enable text fields color picker

Lets add this feature to a variable web-to-print text field.

Navigate to the template page in you web-to-print portal and click on the text field name to expand its field editor.

From the Color picker fill drop-down menu, choose RGB and hit Save button in the top-right corner of the field editor.

Note. You’ll see no difference to the text field on the portal template page since this feature is only available in Magento web-to-print.

See the web-to-print text field color picker in action

Navigate to the corresponding product page of the template in your Magento web-to-print store to see the feature in action.

Users will see an edit icon next to the text fields that have editing options, such as custom colors, enabled.

Clicking on the icon expands the available text field options for that field.

Users are then able to change the default color of the text using a color picker pop-up.
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