Reports for web-to-print orders


Magento allows you to create, view and download detailed reports from your web-to-print Magento store.

All report and analytics options are located under Reports menu of Magento admin panel. Read more about Magento reports.

Web-to-print sales report

Lets say you need a list of successful orders that were completed in a given period. The report should contain only completed orders as well as individual and total payments subtotal amounts for those orders.

Navigate to Reports / Sales / Orders page in Magento admin panel. Before you do anything else, refresh the statistics by clicking the corresponding link on the page, this will ensure that the content in your report is up to date.

Magento refresh web-to-print statistics

In the Filter section, choose the appropriate options according to the information you’re after. In this case we will set the Start and End date of the report span, set the system to only display orders with specific status (Completed) and click Show Report button.

Magento web-to-print reports

The actual report should show up right under the Filter section along with a Export drop-down menu containing choices of a .CSV or .XML file ready to be downloaded to your local hard drive.

Note. We highly recommend you manage orders, create invoices, generate reports etc. from either your web-to-print portal or Magento admin panel, not both. This way you can rely on constant results that are easier to manage.

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