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E-Commerce package

Our E-Commerce web-to-print and dynamic imaging package allows you to combine the power of our back-end web-to-print engine with the fancy features of the Magento e-commerce platform.

Package at a glance

  • Ease of administration: demanding
  • Time to launch: hours to days to weeks
  • Customization: unlimited
  • Features: most of ZP + e-commerce
  • Total cost: pay per order + hosting
  • Technical expertise: professional

Recommended for:

  • Public online shops
  • Specific or highly customized websites
  • Large portals
  • online shops where only some products are customizable

Unlike the core package, this one pushes ZetaPrints interface in the back end, taking advantage of all its powerful abilities but presenting it to the customers in a fancy, fully customizable, powerful e-commerce platform – Magento. ZetaPrints is used purely for image and PDF generation leaving you in full control over the ordering process.

This package is not suitable if you want:

  • a simple website (see Core package)
  • do it yourself, but have no programming skills (see Core package)
  • host a web-to-print engine on your own server (see Enterprise package)
  • change the looks of the site, but leave default ZetaPrints process in place

We do not recommend this package if you are not prepared to invest a considerable effort into creating and maintaining your own hosting environment. Although it gives you a superior starting point it may be an overkill for your type of web-to-print or dynamic imaging application.

How to get started

Review our API and integration guide if you want to integrate and existing website or consider getting a free open source e-commerce website that works out of the box.