Premuim support

Premium services for busy customers

We can take care of any tasks associated with setting up and maintaining a busy web-to-print or dynamic imaging storefront. Click on templates or technical support category from the menu above to see the list of services on offer.

Feel free to contact us directly with your project requirements.

Premium services for busy customers Premium services for busy customers

Free D.I.Y. option

Free D.I.Y. option

All of the premium support services offered through this store are purely complimentary. Our customers do not have to purchase any of them to set up and maintain their storefronts with our core web-to-print and dynamic imaging service.

You can do all of it yourself! Visit our help section to get started.

Web-to-print and dynamic imaging help

Issue and bug reporting

Issue and bug reporting

Contact us directly with any bugs or issues you may have encountered while using our web-to-print and dynamic imaging service or Magento extensions. You can also keep track of all issue and bug resolution through our google code project page.

Your feedback is always welcome.


ZetaPrints google code project