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Open source integration

Integration into popular CMS and e-c0mmerce platforms is easy. We have lots of open source tools, plug-ins and extensions to help you bring display ad booking to other websites.

Content embedding

Our Flash dynamic imaging widget can be embedded into any web page like a YouTube video. Just cut and paste a small HTML snippet. You can use it with your own templates for viral campaigns, e-cards, support, digital goodies and so on.


We have a bunch of web-to-print plug-ins for WordPress.

E-cards plug-in

Generate virtual cards right inside a WordPress page and email them as images. It’s a great way to launch viral campaigns. Another use is for public submissions. Who said a submission should be a boring text file? Make a picture. It will speak volumes!

PayPal Pro payments

Increase credit card processing capabilities within your web-to-print and dynamic imaging portal. Accept payments for display ad booking right on your website.


Magento is a popular and growing e-commerce platform to power your display ad booking store. Just add our web-to-print store extension. Watch a video presentation.


OpenX is an open source ad manager for text and display advertising. We have open source extensions to help your advertisers prepare and modify display ads right within OpenX environment without leaving the site.

Web-to-print API wrappers

Developers will save time integrating web-to-print into your existing website if they use our web-to-print wrappers for PHP5.