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Start a blogpaper

You have all the tools to start a blog in minutes. ZetaPrints gives you tools to give your blog a print edition and engage all the readers you’ve been missing in your online-only edition.

  1. Read our case study about a hyper-local blog that successfully tried this business model.
  2. Read our one-page crash-courses on print advertising, print production, distribution and layout preparation.
  3. Think through your strategy and feel free to bounce your ideas off us.
  4. Start a blog, if you don’t have one yet.
  5. Register a sub-domain for your ad booking portal.
  6. Sign up to ZetaPrints as a printer.
  7. Login to Zetaprints using your sub-domain and customize your interface.

Please, contact us to tell about your plans. We’ll love to help you!

Feel free go on and get the ball rolling. There is no cost involved for you as far as ZetaPrints is concerned – enjoy our free trial.

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