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We assume you already have a news website with information for advertisers. ZetaPrints web-to-print would come under it as your online ad booking system. It is important to make the booking part look similar to the main website.

Free website themes

Basic customization

With our basic customization, you can change the colors on all screens and upload your logo or banner which will appear on every page of the site. Basic customization is a simple process that can be done online by you or your web designer.

Custom skins

By default, our web-to-print system comes in a “skeleton” mode. It has a very basic look, but you can apply a custom style sheet (CSS) and change the layout completely. We provide a number of free skins or you can always make your own.

Domain name

ZetaPrints web-to-print service is accessible through http://zetaprints.com, initially. We strongly recommend that you set up a sub-domain (e.g. http://orders.my-newspaper.com) for your online print ordering store so that it appears under your top domain name. You and your advertisers will be accessing our web-to-print system through your own domain name as if it was hosted on your own server.