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VistaPrint boss runs out of cash

Hot of the press is the news that VistaPrint CEO has sold 8000 shares of his own company fetching around $256,000. This is a planned sale allowed under the rules and should not be cause for alarm.

What should be cause for alarm is the continuous scamming of their customers and the inability of banks to do anything about it. The reports of people being ripped off surface on daily basis. I came across another one from UK. See also my previous post on this topic.

Consumer groups around the world should really get interested in VistaPrint.
This is to protect the consumers.

Printing groups and associations should get interested in this as well. Every printing company should have a warning on its website. This will be the best way of spreading the word around. I will try to approach New Zealand and Australian Printing Associations after holidays and draw their attention to the issue. Don’t hold your breath, thou. They will probably shy away from it.

Do you understand now how they make money on free offers?



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