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Disadvantages of “hosted”

Our hosted web-to-print software has many advantages: low cost, low maintenance, instant roll-out, free upgrades, no up-front investment, etc. On the other hand, “hosted” may be not your best option.


It’s not always possible to make the site look exactly the way you want. We offer some extensive customization features, but it may not be enough for you. An alternative is for you to produce a custom web-to-print interface linked to our back-end.


The workflow for preparing a book using web-to-print is slightly different from the one for postcards or internet banners. Our web-to-print workflow is generic enough and is designed to be as simple as possible. An alternative would be for you to develop your own web-to-print workflow connected to our back-end. An easier options is to tell us what is missing from our web-to-print workflow and we may add it in for you.


A large business may see purchasing and installing their own web-to-print system as a more viable option because they can afford it. Whether they are going to be better off going that route is another question.

Data security

Keeping your data on someone’s else server may be a frightening proposition for some. Many software vendors have unfair privacy and copyright policies where they become the owners of any data uploaded to their servers.

Anything you upload to ZetaPrints belongs to you. We will never share your data with anyone else, nor we will ever contact your customers, except for technical support matters.
See our privacy policy.

“Not under my control”

Some business managers need the absolute control over their operations and cannot delegate it to anyone. We will appreciate a chance to prove our worth as a trusted partner you can rely on. There is no expense in setting up, so why not give it a try?