Web-to-Print & dynamic imaging

ZetaPrints technology

ZetaPrints is an online design personalization service. We use graphic design templates to let non-designers make changes to them through a website without any special tools or skills.

Template based design personalization with output for print.

You upload a template to ZetaPrints, someone else uses our interface to modify it, you get print-ready files in the end.

Our web-to-print technology can be used in various ways:

Template based design personalization with output for showing on screen.

You upload a template to ZetaPrints, you send us a request with data to replace certain parts of the design with, you get an updated image of the design. This can be done through our user interface or through your user interface via API.

Our dynamic imaging is used for:

  • e-cards
  • display advertising
  • badge generation
  • and many other applications

Web-to-print and dynamic imaging are both template-based design personalization services provided by ZetaPrints.

web-to-print VS dynamic imaging

The difference between them is that web-to-print templates are used to generate print-ready files while dynamic imaging ones are used for generating files intended for viewing on-screen.

There is a small difference how the templates are prepared and configured to get the best result for either print or screen.