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Trusting your data and day to day operation to a hosting company is a big ask.

We are transparent in our customer relations and want to make sure out customers have an independent channel for voicing their opinion about us.

Ask us a question

Please, send your web-to-print and dynamic imaging questions to support@zetaprints.com. We do answer them all, but some may take longer than others.

Technical difficulties

If something doesn’t work the way it should we’d like to hear about it.  Email the details to support@zetaprints.com.

Unresolvable issues

We teamed up with GetSatisfaction.com in case you think you are being treated badly by ZetaPrints and want the world to know.

GetSatisfaction is an independent customer service board where you can post your complaints. This way we provide our customers with a sure way to inform others in case we let them down big time.