My new hobby – junk mail collection


Hey folks, how’s your letter box coping with the tons of pre-Christmas junk?
Mine is splitting sides.

I watched a steady stream of junk delivery boys and girls stopping at my letterbox labelled “No junk mail”. Never mind. At least I recycle.

I weighed it at the end of the day – about 300grams. A quick search on The Net returned a document by a Resource Conservation Alliance. Here are some facts:

Paper produced worldwide: 300 million tons or 40% of logged trees (legally logged only?)
The US consumes 4 million tons of copy paper, 2 million books, 350 million magazines and 25 billion newspapers annually.
Junk mail: 90 billion pieces per ann in the US alone.

Where does it all end up?
To the tip – 40% of all solid waste is paper (for US municipal landfills).

These numbers are not supported by any research in the paper I obtained, but what I believe is there are too many trees being logged. So, my new hobby is …

I will collect every piece of junk mail put into my letterbox in 2007

Not sure what I will do with it and what my … will say about the endless boxes with fire hazard in the garage.

On the lighter side of things, I discovered that I’m a possession of 2 cute envelope openers if you believe what you see here …


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Mine is over. 12 past midnight, Monday. :-)

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