SendOutCards – another scam?


I came across in an Internet traffic report on online gift and flowers shopping traffic. The site registered as #1 for the duration of a user visit. It clocked 20 minutes on average!!!

I had never heard about that site and asked a few American mates if they had. None of them did. It was interesting, but I quickly figured out why the visit duration was so long.
It’s simple. Ever been going in circles? Go to sendoutcards and you will. It took me ~ 10 minutes to figure out that there is no way for me do what they promise – send a real postcard from my desktop. I’ve got an eye for those things, so no surprise it takes 20 mins to figure that out for an unsuspecting surfer.

In essence, it’s a referral system where you need to pay a membership fee (up to $700), attend a seminar, do some training and then you’ll be able to knock on doors and promote sending postcards online. A strange way to market an online business, I have to admit. Looks very much like a scam.

Need an answer? Google it!

And so I did. Funny enough, the top PPC advert was saying

Is it a scam?
Get the truth. Read consumer
reviews on over 1000 opportunities!

Sounds encouraging, doesn’t it? 

The first page has a lot of junk blog posts, but page 2 was interesting with some insights in the operation of the company. Here are some observations:

– it’s a pure pyramid where you make money on referrals, not on producing any value
– the distributors build it on the cheap
– recommended stock photos site is … because the photos are $1 to $3 and they admit they look crap
– recommended image editing software is something from Microsoft called Picture It.
– they have multiple distribution levels like in a pyramid system

No, you can’t use SendOutCards

A lot of referral sites promise a FREE card. The links always go some dodgy sites or emails
None of the links took me to any ordering page. The farthest I got was a thank you screen after filling in a contact request form. Tough luck. Neither you can send anything directly thru SendOutCards. Go try it. I’m keen to hear from anyone who succeeds.

No, it’s not a scam

It doesn’t look like a scam, but it’s obviously a very dodgy enterprise. Just doesn’t look right, unless you like to listen to another mad distributor trying to sell you a bunch of $1-worth postcards as the best thing since pealed potato.

My quick search didn’t reveal any complaints about them, but some people were asking the same question as me and reaching the same conclusion that it’s just a pyramid. There was a suggestion that there is trouble because when a pyramid raises its fees then its only to prolong their unsustainable referral program. Been there, seen that.


Not sure what they use, but judging by what I saw in their demos on the website it’s something really basic. You have an image with people. Then you add balloons and people will insert text into those balloons. The site was flash-based and it’s probably what is used for the rest of their web-to-print, if you can call it this way.

There is one more thing – you can’t have a good design on good paper with high quality print all for $1 with a distributor share in it.

Hey, are you swapping your good old iPod for that new Microsoft’s “wonder” called Zune?

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11 Responses to “SendOutCards – another scam?”

  1. Bob martinelli Says:

    Hi, I came across your comments about SendOutCards. It is a totally legit business and it would be a pleasure to show it to you. Just go to the site above or email me direct and I will follow up with you. Call me at 888-681-4440. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Sharon Horswill Says:

    Why this unjustified rant about SOC? This is a perfectly good company with thousands of successful distributors and satisfied customers. Pyramid schemes are illegal with no product, as most people know by now. Any SOC distributor will be pleased to give you free samples and explain the system.

  3. Martin Russell Says:

    Sorry you were unable to send a postcard from your desktop. You need to get an account to use SendOutCards. The “free” bit is when someone gives you a gift account to give the system a go. They are real cards, with a real stamp and so they cost real money (but unlike most network marketing companies it’s cheaper than buying it in a store.) I help small businesses with marketing, and I think there is value in using the cards for that.
    I’m in Australia, and I’m sending cards to people in the US for less than the cost of the stamps from Australia to the US alone!
    I presume you’re in the US, but if you’re outside the US then email me.
    Martin Russell
    P.S. With your trouble hunting down what SendOutCards is about it’s more like dodgy web layout, than dodgy enterprise. If it’s any consolation, SOC’s front page is clearer than it used to be :-)

  4. Martin Russell Says:

    > A lot of referral sites promise a FREE card. The links
    > always go some dodgy sites or emails
    > None of the links took me to any ordering page. The
    > farthest I got was a thank you screen after filling in a
    > contact request form. Tough luck. Neither you can send
    > anything directly thru SendOutCards. Go try it. I’m keen
    > to hear from anyone who succeeds.


    SOC now has a fully automated process for you to send the free card.

    Whereas before you needed someone to walk you through the SOC service, now a video on the side does it.

    You can set up an account and send a free card from the link below, and I await the feedback on this forum.

    Martin Russell

    P.S. Since this is costs ME actual money each time someone uses this, I reserve the right to close this off at any time after this post has been up for two weeks to let ‘Scam Buster’ give it a go. I found this post on Google, and so could anyone else.

  5. cb Says:

    It’s hilarious how SOC people come on here to defend their “business”. You make more money by getting more people to work under you than if you had people “buying” cards under you. I’ve tried it and felt like crap. I had to quit after 8 months of this company. I made money, but it was off of conning people into joining. You can make money w/ SOC, but you have to have no soul or morals.

  6. mike Says:

    I have been a member for almost a year. For the promise of cheaper cards, I deposited a large sum ($300 plus dollars. Over $500 to date since they hit my card for $16. each month) to do a campaign. I never sent out a campaign due to the complexity of accomplishing what I want. The severely limited number of cards that I actually liked is another problem.

    So far, I have sent out exactly 17 cards.

    The cards can be expensive ($2-3 after you add all the points to send a card you actually would want to send and pay postage which they deceptively try to sublty hint that is included in the card). It is not convenient, nor technologically advanced. They don’t teach you that once you deposit money in “your” account, you will never see the money again. (after 3 days)

    It would be different if they acutally gave you the money back if you didn’t use to purchase their cards, but that is not the case. They did not inform me of their refund policy. They refused my two requests for refunds. I currently have complaints on file with the Utah Attorney General, the FTC, The BBB and soon the DSA and The DMA.

    I have to believe that a class action suit is on the way since there have to be many others like me that didn’t send cards, decided not to try to figure it out and wanted their money back. This company will go down. Taking money and not delivering a product and refusing to disclose these unfair practices? You decide.

  7. Brenda Silverman Says:

    I am stunned at some of the negativity regarding SOC. I bought a Wholesale system for my husband to help him stay in touch with his customers (he is a food manufacturing rep) in a more personal way and his results have been nothing short of AMAZING! Anyone who invests in SendOutCards and does not take some time to learn how to use it has no real right to complain in my opinion! Also, the most we have ever paid to send a card was 0.93 cents NOT $2-$3! Also #3, The refund policy is CLEAR as a bell! The bottom line is that SendOutCards is the BEST value on the market and a great product for building better business and personal relationships!

  8. Jack Morales Says:

    Good reply by Brenda Silverman. I am an avid user of and find it very convenient to send real, good quality cards, postcards, gift cards, gifts. A card has never cost me more than $2 after adding a couple of pictures to it. All of my recipients have nothing but positive comments about what they receive. I also like the fact that I can now create my own postcard or card by simply uploading a jpg file and using it as the front of the card. Those cost another $0.75 but still much less than a card from the store that is not customized EXACTLY how I want it.

  9. SendOutCards of Vermont Says:

    I just stumbled on this site, and I’m very confused as to what these people were looking at. SOC is one of the best endeavors I’ve ever run across. I make money selling cards to stores, I make money selling prepaid gift cards, Businesses love using the system to send cards to their customers (and I get a commission), and every once in a while, someone likes it enough to sign up as a distributor themselves (and I make more money). I’m not sure what the reference to “conning” and “soul and morals” is all about. I’ve never done it, wouldn’t be associated with anything that did it, and see no reason why anyone would have to…SendOutCards sells itself.

  10. Bob Martinelli Says:

    Here it is clear and simple. If you would like to send a free greeting card, go to my site: You can call me and I will tell it to you straight, 401-385-9059.

  11. Sendoutcards of NM Says:

    I’m noticing that either disgruntled people are flat out lying about SOC ($2-$3 a card, yea right) or they are people who need quite a bit of help with their computer. And it really doesn’t help anyone to talk about a product or business opportunity that very little is known about. Let’s just keep the info. accurate and stop all the hate. Sendoutcards is an amazing company and product. I’m so thankful it came into my life. Now go have good thoughts and keep it real.

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