Image library wars


Image library

This divisive feature got another update over the holidays. Any image uploaded to the server is stored and kept for as long as it is used or can potentially be used. It’s very convenient for some users and a nightmare for others.
Re-uploading 15MB files may take a wee while on some DSL connections, so reusing an uploaded image is very convenient. The trouble begins when there are too many images in the library and it’s easier to upload again than to find the right one.

The image library is currently limited to 50 images. Least used images are purged from the library as new ones are uploaded. It keeps the size of the library sane. This is what it looks like:

Image library screenshot

Thumb previews

A user can change if thumbs from the library should be displayed on the template preview page. It’s a matter of choosing the right image now:


This feature is disabled by default with the screen looking like this until the user chooses to see the thumbs:


Image library feature will stay in the state of flux while we are getting more user feedback and keep adjusting.


If an old order is pulled out and the user clicks Re-order then all the images uploaded for that order are added back to the user’s image library. It’s just another way of saving time on image uploads – go and find an order where the image was used. It may be a bit too much hassle, but all depends on how slow your ADSL is.

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