SendOutCards is not a scam – just a time waster


I received a comment on my previous post about The guy wanted to convince me that SendOutCards is a legit business. I do not dispute this. All I’m saying is that it’s a pyramid and consumers should stay away.

I followed the link in the comment and got this screen:


Note that the button there offers 2 free postcards. This is what I got from this chap:

Hi jo,

My name is Bob Martinelli and thank you for visiting my web site and requesting more information about how to make money with our greeting card business.

If you’re in a hurry click on the link below and I’ll immediately send you an email with more information:

This may, or may not, be the right business for you. That’s okay! There are 3 possible outcomes:

1. You agree that greeting cards is a booming industry with great moneymaking potential- and want to get started right away.

2. Although you’re not ready to join the team, you decide you like the product, and want to become a customer.

3. You decide this isn’t right for you, at this time.

It’s a simple, no-pressure situation. Without further ado, let me get you everything you’ll need to make a decision.

Click on the link below and I’ll immediately send you an email with more information about our opportunity:

Take care jo.

I hope you have a good day and find the right business for you!

Bob Martinelli

Point #1: he tries to sign me up as a distributor. Now tell me it’s not a pyramid.

Point #2: become a customer. Hell, yes, I want to send my 2 FREE postcards as promised.

Point #3: Yes, it’s not right for us and neither it is for any other consumer.


The business is legit, but it has nothing to do with sending out postcards by real consumers.

All I want is to see a URL that will take me to a site where I can send those promised postcards. It’s gonna be a long wait for me, I recon.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    I challenge you to take the time to learn more about the SendOutCards business and product before you tell people that “it has nothing to do with sending out postcards by real consumers.” Yes, the majority of people selling the system online are working the business of selling distributorships. However, there are tens thousands of consumers using the product to send greeting cards to business contacts, family members and loved ones around the world. The consumers range from the grandmother who sends her grandchildren cards, to small businesses who use the system to thank their customers and vendors for working with them, to large corporations that send out birthday cards to their employers.

    The product is great and it is by far the most affordable system to send out a greeting card through the postal system from an online source.

    Yes you will have to give out some minimal information to get your 2 free cards… it is similar to a free trial (although you don’t have to give any credit card or financial information.) Heck, I usually give out 3-5 cards to people who want to try the system… I don’t see any other similar companies giving away free cards even after you sign into and register for their websites.

    I don’t sell the product online, I do it by meeting people and inviting them to try it. If you are interested let me know and I will be happy to send you the information to get your 2 cards.

  2. webtoprint Says:

    I’d love to learn how it works. Everyone will appreciate a URL that will let us post a card, for free or for money. Please, post it here.

  3. Heidi Says:

    The cards are quality cards, printed on a xerox 6060 digital press.

    Many people use sendoutcards as a customer only and commission is paid to the sales reps. Yes it is a mlm structure, but a very reputable company who gives tools freely to the sales force.

    I think the misunderstanding comes from that you want to go to a link online and the link spits out a card for you to send.

    Each distributer funds the free cards that they give as a gift from their own advertising budget. They manually set up a temporary account so you can see the full features of the system. In order to do this, they need your contact info. Then they will call and walk you through the account features.

    If you don’t want to go this route, you can always hit the sign up now button where for $25 you can buy an annual account that along with use of the system, you are able to send out your first 10 cards, postage included. Then you just buy more points and postage as needed.

    or just give the guy a call, I see his name and number posted.

    I’ve found it to be a time saver. Before SendOutCards my Christmas cards were making it out by New Years! Now I can custom make my own card, write my message and click send to my whole list.

    Quickly becoming America’s most unique product. During the Christmas rush I believe that they were printing and mailing 60,000 cards a day. That is a lot of Christmas cards by real cosumers. Give it a test drive.


  4. Robert Coaster Says:

    I am not a distributor only a customer of Sendoutcards. I saw what you posted. Sendoutcards is not a pyramid which means a money game with no real product. Sendoutcards is a real greeting card company with real greeting cards & postcards sent out & the cards are top quality. To be a distributor it is a high signup fee but for that you get a powerful contact manager system with reminders of when to send cards & also the ability to add your own pictures to the cards instead of using existing template cards.

  5. Martin Russell Says:

    > All I want is to see a URL that will take me to a site where I can send those promised postcards. It’s gonna be a long wait for me, I recon.

    Here is a link for SendOutCards service that actually works…

    Martin Russell
    Small Business Marketing By Referrals

  6. Christina Says:

    I think the scam here may be the people who keep trying to get free cards from every distributor.
    From what I’ve read the distributor is investing their own money in each “free sample.”
    This is not an instant-gratification company.
    You request free cards. The distributor activates an account for you…they load money into your account for cost of cards and postal fees. Then they contact you with access information. Then you get in and send (high quality) greeting cards. I am very impressed with this company and the speed of shipping. I can see how this will benefit businesses who want the ease of sending email but the substantialness of a paper card.

    As for the person at the top of this listing who was was unhappy about the offer for distributorship – That was the ad you responded to! The ad for a home business! Of course they offered.

    To determine if this is a MLM or Pyramid scheme you must know where the profit comes from – sales of cards or simply recruiting new distributors. Wikipedia gives an easy to understand definition of the terms Pyramid, Ponzi and Multi-level marketing. Offering distributor ship is not the sole defining factor.

  7. Martin Russell Says:

    Well actually SOC does have an “instant gratification” option.

    This link allows you send a card (and more than one if you pay for the rest by topping up your account) instantly and without waiting for anyone else to get back to you etc etc.

  8. mike Says:

    I have been a member for almost a year. For the promise of cheaper cards, I deposited a large sum ($300 plus dollars) to do a campaign. I never send out a campaign due to the complexity of accomplishing what I want and the severely limited number of cards that I had to choose from that I actually liked.
    The cards are very expensive, not convenience and it turns out that the company makes their money on ‘breakage’ or people not sending the cards they deposit money to buy. It would be different if they acutally gave you the money back if you didn’t use the service, but that is not the case. The did not inform me of their refund policy. They refused my two requests for refunds. I currently have complaints on file with the Utah Attorney General, the FTC, The BBB and soon the DSA and The DMA. I have to believe that a class action suit is on the way since there have to me others like me that didn’t send cards, decided not to try to figure it out and wanted their money back. This company will go down. Fraudulent business practices. Taking money and not delivering a product and refusing to disclose these unfair practices. You decide.

  9. mike Says:

    UPDATE. After much chasing and finally speaking to the president of the company, they finally sent me the money I had on file back. It was just under $500. Whew, what a hassle.

  10. les Says:

    I got into send out cards because i read Joe Girards Book about 10 years ago. “How to sell anything to anybody.” I am a health care professional and have about 1,000 regular customers. each one gets a birthday card, a card when it is time to renew a product, (once a year) and a holiday card, (i send out thanksgiving, instead of christmas. No offending other religions) I have been doing this for years. My business has grown and my customers are steady. Instead of hand writing all these cards, i can send personalized cards to each person, with their first name, and in my handwriting. it takes about 10 mintues a month. People LOVE IT. so for the person who thinsk this is a “ripoff”, read any good sales book and learn how to treat your customers right.

  11. Steve Says:

    It is such a shame that you did not do your homework and you are so fast to condemn a system that has worked for many people. Why is it that so many uninformed people want to call something that does not work for them a scam, a pyramid scheme and fraudulent. How you can say that it is more expensive is beyond my comprehension. Why don’t you do your homework regarding the industry before writing something inaccurate. I assume Warren Buffet (he purchased Pampered Chef) was scammed. Read the book “Why We Want You to be Rich.” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki chapter 27. There is an entire chapter devoted to network marketing. Good Luck

  12. Kelsy Says:

    I ran across your blog looking for info on , and just had to send a quick note. Send out Cards to me……… nothing but a waste of money, and frustrating. As a busy professional I think and look to grow rich, but I certainly wouldn’t have had I continued to waste my time in front of a computer looking at cards. I did find a great company that does this all for me. No I don’t get anything for posting this, I just wanted to let other busy professionals know there is another company out there that will do all of this for you, and not charge so much. I now use Client Connector, and love it!

    Just my 2 cents here

  13. Brian Says:

    have u even tried the free card demo ????

    “As a busy professional I think and look to grow rich, but I certainly wouldn’t have had I continued to waste my time in front of a computer looking at cards”

    sure with over 5,000 cards to select from including the custom designed cards from current users

    these cards are set and forget the system sendoutcards built will mail your cards for you on a specific date say for a friends birthday next year u can go here to

  14. Send Out Cards Says:

    Some people will complain
    about anything

    Send Out Cards is a great product and a
    great Home Based Business


  15. Send Out Cards Says:

    Just realized Why you are whining

    you are a printer

    Send Out Card is your competition

    Makes sense now


  16. punkie Says:

    I have been using SendOutCards for about a month and I absolutely love it!!!

    I was told about it by my best friend since he bought the wholesale package a couple of months ago. He loved it so much that he encouraged me to sign up. Trust me, this is my best friend of 15 years and there’s no way on earth he’d ever try to rip me off. But really, the product sells itself, it’s not like I was sold on it by him.

    I bought the wholesale package on his advice, so if I wanted to, I can sell the system to others and make money ($150 for ach person who buys the wholesale package and a % of the cards they buy and send). BUT, I really don’t have time to do that, so I haven’t bothered with trying to sell it yet. I just bought the wholesale package because that way it’s considered a small business and I get tax write-offs. For only $100 more than the retail package, it was well worth it.

    But besides that, I really love the product! It’s super easy to use, they have tons of options and I don’t have to leave home, buy a card (or a gift) at the store, go to the post office, and mail it. I mean, who has time to do that nowadays? I’m a busy person. But just yesterday, I was able to send my nephew in England a card and a book (from Canada) in less than 5 minutes. To me, that’s amazing!

    Also, because it’s so cheap, simple and fast to use, I have been sending out cards left, right and center. I actually believe that it has made me a more thoughtful person.

    So before you call it a scam, do your research. There are many people out there who absolutely love this product and it works for them. Whether you use it simply as a consumer to send out cards to people you love or want to do business with, or make selling this product a business, doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great service.

    My best friend works with a woman who’s been selling this product for some time and she makes about 10K a month just from this. If you want to turn it into a business, it’s possible. I just like the write-offs like I said.

    Anyway, I’m not an employee of this company or anything. Although technically I might be considered one since I bought the wholesale package, lol. But seriously, I love this product. It’s not a scam, there’s no catch. Just a great idea.

  17. punkie Says:

    Sorry, it’s a $120 for each person who signs up under you I think. Not $150. So technically, if you wanted to, you could sell it to 4 people and it would more than pay for itself. For me, a few months of tax write-offs will mean the same thing.

  18. Eva Says:

    I signed up with SOC last year, I really liked the fact that I could create my own cards. The cards are very affordable, BUT.. It takes AGES for the cards to be delivered up to 14 days even if it is to my own neighbor! Also after not receiving replies from my friends I found out that a considerable amount of cards never reached their destination at all. SOC will refund or resend the cards, but how many other cards did not get delivered I don’t know (you don’t want to ring up everybody afterward and ask them if they actually received your card)
    Some people who I have send cards 1 month ago are still waiting for their card. BORING….

  19. punkie Says:

    Really? That’s odd. All my cards seem to be reaching their local destinations within the week. Up to 14 days overseas.

    It might be a good idea to write in the card something along the lines of “let me know when you’ve received this so I know you have.”

  20. Eva Says:

    Hi Punkie,
    I’m in Australia, maybe that’s different.
    Many cards seem to arrive in a week’s time, but definitely not all of them, I posted almost 200 cards, and I don’t want to ask (or expect) everybody to reply to the card.
    I did find it odd when some (4) real close friends did not respond, since I go through a lot of effort creating the cards, sure enough, they never received their card.
    It sure has put a damper on my enthusiasm about SOC.
    I have been selling on Ebay for years and never ever had anything gone missing in the post, so I don’t think the problem lies with Australian Post.

  21. SOCRecipient Says:

    Hey, I’ve gotten one of these cards and they’re okay at best. If you’re spending $100, $200, or more on these cards, wouldn’t it just be easier, cheaper, quicker and more personal to pick up the damn phone and spend a few seconds saying HELLO? I’m sure it would be more appreciated. The person who sent me the card lives in my city – but it took the card 1 week to get delivered. HUH??? I got the card, because he’s convinced this is a money making opportunity for him – a get rich quick kind of thing. I’m all for getting rich quick, but the whole SOC thing smacks of pyramid scheme and quite frankly, I would have appreciated a phone call more. If people want to sell SOC stuff and go to their seminars and recruit other people – more power to you. If you want to get rich quick, buy a lottery ticket. Your chances of winning are the same chances you have of getting rich off SOC. Cheers and best of luck to you entrepreneurs.

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