Public access enabled now


Zetaprints customers can now sell printing to the general public through Zetaprints web-to-print interface. It was a long awaited feature that took quite a bit of effort for the development stuff.

Three access categories

Corporate access – nothing changed there. You can still specify a corporate domain name or add users manually.

Self-registration – minor improvements to the registration process. You can publish a URL for self-registration for a particular catalogue and anyone can register with any email address. It may be a good option if you print for franchises or some community where there is no drama with some outsiders getting hold of designs or placing an odd order through.

Public access – all new. Catalogues marked for public access will show on the home page. No login, no registration is required to place an order. Anonymous users can register at any time or log in.

Limitations for unregistered users

1. File transfer is not available
2. Image library management is not available, but all images are cached anyway
3. Access to orders may be difficult if they try to access them from another computer later, but they can always bookmark the page or register to avoid the difficulties
4. No order copies are sent to an unregistered user until the email address is confirmed

What difference it all makes

As a printer, you can now offer a range of printed products to the general public. This may not be as lucrative as serving the corporate market, but still gives you additional room to grow your business.

The other spin-off from this feature is addition of generic product ranges to your corporate catalogues with a minimal effort. For example, you may need only one set of greeting cards set to public access to make it available to all your corporate customers as well as the general public.

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