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Japanese whaling fleet is killing whales somewhere around the Southern Ocean. The Greenpeace is helplessly searching for them along with Sea Shepherd. The fleet has a $25,000 bounty on its masts, but no luck so far.

What else can we do to stop whaling?

There is one simple idea – let’s stir the public opinion in Japan, Iceland and Norway. Any of these countries backing down on whaling will be a major blow to the whole pro-whaling camp.

How about we send them postcards using Zetaprints web-to-print?

Here is a plan…

I’ve set up a template for a simple DL-size postcard. It’s the maximum size for the minimal postage (NZ$1.5 or ~ US$1). My mate runs a printing business and will print them at cost. Once printed, it will be addressed to a random postal address in Japan. The preference will be given to their local media outlets and small businesses. This will ensure maximum coverage.

The postcard is intended to explain our anti-whaling position to ordinary Japanese people and tell them that this is an important issue to us. Although, the card is not addressed to anyone in particular, it has a personal touch to it:
– it is a custom card, not a large issue
– it is signed by a real person that cared enough to pay a few dollars for this
– it has a photo of the person or maybe the entire family

I think the cards will provoke a lot of curiosity in the recipients and will be a likely topic of conversations. The more cards we send the more they will notice.

The next step will be to seek corporate sponsorship to cover the printing and postage and get even larger volumes though. Anyone with a cheque out there?

Send your postcard now

Front sideBack side

The idea is to keep the message positive and try to relate to Japanese people. Most of them do not support whaling, but this is not widely discussed there and doesn’t have as high profile as in the West.

Call to all designers: please, contribute your anti-whaling designs and ideas. I’ll be more than happy to put them on the site as templates.

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