There are 2 ways of user registration: add users to the list or self-registration for web-to-print.

Add users to the list of web-to-print catalogue users

Any user added to the list gets a registration email with a link, which takes them straight into the catalogue skipping any registration formalities. However, users are reminded to complete registration …


and are asked for a password upon placing the first order …



A user may click on Register link at the top-right of the page regardless if there are public catalogues or not. The user’s email would be checked, details taken and a registration email dispatched to confirm the email address.
At the same time, the printer gets an email with all the user details.

The user gets either a generic message or is taken back to public catalogues, if any.






Adding a registered email to the list will trigger another registration email, but with a delay of 3 seconds per email.

An attempt to self-register with a registered email address takes the user to a lost password form.

One email – one role

An email registered as a designer or printer cannot be registered as a user. The system will reject the address without giving any more detail. This feature will be improved to make it more informative.

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