Zetaprints can speak your language


Zetaprints templates could be produced in any language from day one, but the user interface was limited to English language. So, what’s the problem some may say?

Unfortunately, a lot of popular websites take an arrogant stance regarding language. They think that any Internet user is savvy enough to read and understand a few simple phrases in English. It may well be so, but, hey, there is a whole world outside of the English speaking zone.

So, we are getting translated. The goal is to get translated into as many languages as possible.

Can you help?

How to help with translation

Please, contact us and we’ll email you an Excel spreadsheet with pieces of texts as they are used by the site. There are approximately 1800 phrases. Some of them as long as a sentence, some are just one or 2 words. The total is about 8000 words. Allow approximately 12 hrs to get it all translated with 2 more hours for review and fixes. Sure thing, there will be 2 or 3 cycles to get everything right.

Excel file columns

Line number and P
Used to match the content of the file back to the internal structure of the website.

Text type
Text – appears as normal text on the site
Title – appears as tool-tip
Button – appears on a button

Text to translate
This is the main column you are interested in – translate it as you see it. Place your translation in a new column.

Original text
This is the text with all the special characters and punctuation. Use it as a reference and do not put any punctuation into translation if it is not in Text to translate column.

DE, RU, etc.
There can be other translations in the file. You can delete or use them as an additional reference.

File name
It is an internal name that hints are what section of the site you are translating. Some files are shared across multiple pages, some files are shared across the entire site.

What to translate
Translate everything that makes sense to you. Any gaps you leave will be easily identifiable on the site after applying the translation.

Useful tips
There is about 10% duplication in phrases. It may be easier if you sort the rows by Text to translate field and first translate any duplicated phrases. Then sort it by Line number and translate the rest.

The phrases come in more or less logical order. Look the adjacent phrases and the file name to understand the context. Try to do your best, but don’t worry if it doesn’t come out right the first time around.

Try to match the case. Some phrases start lower case, some go UPPER CASE all the way.

Take it easy and don’t be shy to ask us if you have any troubles. Translations only looks easy.

Special thanx

My personal thanx goes to Thomas Kutscher from Ingelheim, Germany for paving the way and getting a German translation done. Awesome work, Thomas!

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